​The Sacramento Regional Radio Communications System (SRRCS) is a network of radio communications equipment that supports a regional public safety/public service partnership.  It provides a two-way voice radio communications capability for emergency and routine business purposes throughout Sacramento County and neighboring areas.  Any public safety/public service governmental agency within the coverage area of the radio system may apply to join this partnership.  See the participants tab for a listing of the current member agencies.

SRRCS is maintained and operated by the County of Sacramento under the direction of the County’s Chief Information Officer (CIO).  The CIO carries the title of System Manager for SRRCS and manages the system in accordance with the advice of the governing bodies for the partnership, the Systems Management Group and Technical Advisory Committee.  The System is administered and maintained by County’s Department of Technology.  Membership is recognized by means of a Licensing Agreement approved by the SRRCS System Manager, SRRCS governance bodies, and the agency involved.